ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING is held on the 3rd Wednesday of March each year commencing at 10am.

GENERAL MEETINGS of the Prince Henry Hospital Trained Nurses’ Association and the Nursing Education Centre nurses are held:

   WHEN: A quick reminder that next Tuesday 5th November is the next work day at the museum, commencing at 10am.

This will not be the last work day for the year as there will definitely be one in December, and probably some in January as we have a bit of reorganising to do before the opening of our planned new exhibition and celebration of Florence Nightingale’s 200th anniversary of her birth in May 2020.

Next meeting and Christmas gathering is on 20th November 2019.

WHERE: The PHH Nursing and Medical Museum, 2 Brodie Ave, Little Bay. (Old Ward 1). All welcome

Reunion Raffle    If you can contribute we are appealing for support for the raffle. As you are aware we receive no funding & need to raise our own funds to keep the museum, Chapel & PHHTNA functioning. We are looking for raffle prizes or cash donations to assist with the purchase of a first prize. If you can help articles can be left in the museum on Sundays between 10am and 3pm or donations can be made by Direct Deposit into our account the Prince Henry Inc, a CBA account BSB 062439 Account number 10766538. Thanking you.


The Prince Henry Hospital Nursing and Medical Museum within the Prince Henry Hospital precinct at Little Bay. It is operated by the Prince Henry Hospital Trained Nurses’ Association and staffed by volunteers, most of whom are registered nurses who either trained or worked at the hospital for many years. Within our group of highly qualified, experienced and eminent people there is a wealth of knowledge and history about Prince Henry Hospital and the broader context of health services spanning the hospital’s 122 years of operations.

The museum commenced as a collection of memorabilia located within the ‘old lecture hall’ in 1991 but was not open to the general public. A government decision to close the Prince Henry Hospital in 1998 necessitated the collection be moved to Ward Two and Sr Fran McLeod led the drive to save what was possible for future generations to enjoy. After a period of negotiation and compromise the Lands and Environment Department issued a 99 year lease in 2003 to the PHH Trained Nurses’ Association and the collection moved to Ward One (Flower’s Ward). Randwick Council’s involvement over the years has provided the PHH Trained Nurses’ Association with unstinting support in organising events, promoting the not-for-profit business and raising funds.

Since inception, PHH Trained Nurses’ Association volunteers have managed the not-for-profit business which comprises the running and maintenance of the PHH Nursing and Medical Museum (opened in 2003) and the Nurses War Memorial Chapel (Built in 1967, burned down in 1981 and rebuilt on the same architectural plans in 1982). A major part of our activities relate to the hiring out of the interdenominational Nurses War Memorial Chapel for special events and the money raised is used, along with donations and bequests, to maintain both the chapel and the museum.

We are determined to ensure that the museum and chapel remain viable as a not-for-profit business and are continuously looking for new, skilled volunteers to join the company and commit to this worthy cause. The recruitment of volunteers to leadership roles is essential for us to maintain a stable and skilled management team. Succession planning is a crucial part of maintaining a volunteer organization and we try to make the volunteer work interesting and worthwhile for those who commit to the team. We appreciate the financial and moral support of Randwick Council in running events at the Museum and the activities of the PHH Trained Nurses’ Association.

The Nursing and Medical Museum and War memorial chapel is not only managed by volunteer nurses from the PHH Trained Nurses’ Association, it is loved by them. Those who volunteer and consistently contribute to the business, feel a duty to Prince Henry Hospital in return for the support they received during their time as students, clinicians and managers at the hospital. The commitment that our volunteers make to the running of the PHHTNA as well as their exceptional customer service and genuine concern for people who come to visit, is what makes our Museum and chapel so special.


On the 1st Tuesday of each month, members and volunteers gather at the Museum to carry out necessary maintenance on the collection and the archives. Join us between 9-9:30am – 2pm and enjoy a lively chat and social contact over lunch (bring your own) and as we work together to preserve the history of PHH and those who trained and worked there.

We all look forward to meeting more people who trained through PHH and the NEC and hearing all the great stories from those times.

Anyone interested in volunteering? We welcome members and others to join our 'team' of volunteers.

Hope to see as many of you as can make it along