The PHHTNA offers an opportunity for graduates of the Prince Henry Hospital School of Nursing and graduates of the Nursing Education Centre to come together to contribute their time and skills to the preservation of the history of our hospital and alma mater; and to reaffirm our connections with the people with whom we worked and played while there. The Museum and Chapel are living and developing projects that need our input and contributions in order to remain viable and be preserved as a valuable resource for the Australian community.

Membership of PHHTNA includes the following categories: Ordinary Membership of the Association can be granted to trained (registered) nurses who have:

  • completed their nursing training and education at Prince Henry Hospital or the Coast Hospital or have graduated from the Nursing Education Centre (NEC) of the teaching hospitals of the University of New South Wales (the NEC was located in the School of Nursing at Prince Henry Hospital; clinical experience was gained in the Prince Henry Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital and Eastern Suburbs Hospital); or have graduated from the NEC; or from the NEC-Combined University/General Nursing Course;
  • who graduated from a school of nursing other than those set out in (a) of this clause and who, for five (5) years worked either in the nursing service at the Prince Henry Hospital or the NEC; or worked as a Nurse Educator in the NEC

Associate Membership of the Association may be granted by the Management Committee of the Association to a person who does not meet the above criteria for Ordinary Membership or a person who is not a nurse, if they have:

  • voluntarily assisted the Association in the aims and objects of the Association for five (5) years
  • worked in a professional capacity at Prince Henry Hospital or the Coast Hospital or NEC for five (5) years
Distinguished Life Membership may be granted by Special Resolution of a General Meeting of Members of the Association, to a Member of the Association if that Member has:
  • served in an executive capacity on the Management Committee of the Association (The Committee) for 10 years
  • provided exemplary support to the Association's achievement of its aims and objects for 10 years

ENQUIRIES: Phone: 02 9019 0784 OR write to PHHTNA President, Box 303, Matraville, 2036.
Email: president@phhtna.com.au or treasurer@phhtna.com.au or secretary@phhtna.com.au
Or you can come along to the Museum any Sunday between 10am and 3pm and talk to us in person.


The success of the organization depends on us being able to generate sufficient funds to manage and maintain both the museum and chapel; and to attract sufficient skilled volunteer to give their time and talent to the good running of the PHHTNA.

Registered nurse members of the PHH Trained Nursesí Association provide the volunteer core for the organization and are assisted by other volunteers who may or may not be nurses who graduated from PHH over the years. There are no employees however at any given time there would be 15-20 people actively engaged in work associated with the organization.

The management team comprises the president, and vice president(s); the treasurer and secretary as well as two ordinary members. Responsibility areas are allocated by the management team to volunteers who undertake museum coordination; chapel bookings; tour bookings; historical integrity of the collection; information technology and website/facebook; security and maintenance of buildings and grounds. Each of these responsibility areas attracts a team of volunteers who work with the coordinators who report to the management committee monthly or as necessary.

Museum coordinators and other volunteers have been sponsored by the Association to attend training on artefact preservation techniques as well as general management and maintenance of the museum displays.

Customer service is paramount and we ensure that there are sufficient volunteers available to supervise and guide visitors. Support is provided within the group by other nurse volunteers who have the skills to be able to motivate and upskill colleagues as needed.

Our volunteers have been acknowledged for their work with the awarding of a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) and a Volunteersí Award from Randwick Council. At the annual reunion volunteer nurses who have made exceptional contributions to the museum and chapel are acknowledged by public acclaim and an award certificate was bestowed in 2017 by the Governor of NSW.

Phone: 02 9019 0784 OR write to PHHTNA President, Box 303, Matraville, 2036.
Email: president@phhtna.com.au or treasurer@phhtna.com.au or secretary@phhtna.com.au
Or you can come along to the Museum any Sunday between 10am and 3pm and talk to the volunteers about what we do. (See below for a guide to what we are seeking)


If YOU are interested in preserving the history of Prince Henry Hospital and:

  1. Meeting new people and making new friends
  2. Facing new experiences or challenges
  3. Raising awareness and preserving history
  4. Developing professional skills and networks
  5. Gaining a variety work role experiences
  6. Exploring new career and job interests
Come and join our friendly organisation committed to preserving this important historical site for future generations


Skills and abilities:

  1. Effective English language communication
  2. Handling of artefacts and money
  3. Customer focus
  4. Time management
  5. Continuous improvement ideas
  6. Commitment and Teamwork

Tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Sorting, cataloguing & displaying artefacts
  2. Preservation of archives and artefacts
  3. Preparing historical displays
  4. Maintaining an inviting environment
  5. Customer service and information sharing
  6. Handling money and enquiries

Essential skills and attributes:

  1. Computer and simple database usage
  2. Proficient use of verbal and written English
  3. Must be over 18 (for insurance purposes)
  4. Ability to work harmoniously and productively with others

ENQUIRIES: (02) 9019 0784 or visit our volunteers on Sundays 10am-3pm