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Nursing is one of the most popular professions in the Healthcare Industry, which deals with the various aspects of patients. These trained nurses will assist people who need medical assistance. One of the kindest jobs is nursing, and the work is closely connected with the Healthcare industries and the doctors. The job profiles can be explained by roles and responsibilities they have in the organisation of health sectors.

Skills required

● As the person deals with medicines and medicals, they need to have specific skills in the medical field.
● They deal with patients and caregivers, so the communication skills are highly repairable for these nurses to explain the importance of the medicines and guide them to safety.
● Nurses are responsible for taking care of sick and injured people, so they must empathise to understand the pain and suffering of others.
● They should be able to make the decisions on their own in some critical situations they might be facing in case of an emergency.
● Attentive abilities will help them to avoid mistakes and give importance to patient care.
● They must be active whenever there is a requirement, as in the medical field, is always emergencies.

Skills required

Eligibility to become a nurse.

● The candidate must have fast their 10+2 from a recognised University or institution in the primary subjects of Physics, chemistry, and Biology. In the case of a diploma, the candidates must have passed 10+2 with any subject combination.
● They should have attained at least 45% off marks in their ten le+2 or an equivalent. The relaxation rules apply for other categories and vary from college to college.
● The entrance exam should be cleared with good passing marks for the nursing course admission of diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD courses.
● For getting employed, they need to register themselves with the State Nursing Council as it is essential.


Employment industry for nurse

there are many employment opportunities for nurses in many different health organisations. So the candidates can choose which have the specialisations they want before joining any Institutions or organisations. Some of the employment that can be found in different sections are
● Department supervisors and industrial nurse
● assistant nursing superintendent and nursing service administrators
● Community Health nurse
● directors of nursing and features of Nursing
Deputy nursing superintendent and ward sister/ nursing supervisor.

industry for nurse

Pros of becoming a nurse

● the profession is to help the patient to recover the health and is a noble profession
● there are plenty of employment opportunities both in the country and abroad
● the multitasking abilities can be learned as it allows the nurse to do multiple jobs simultaneously.
● The serenity and the nobility of the task give mental peace and satisfaction of helping a person in need.
● Nurses, the most influential people in the hospitals, provide the utmost care to their patients without thinking about themselves.

Everything About Nursing
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