Ways To Improve Medication Administration

Medication Administration

The medication should be given in the hospital with utmost care and safety, as the patients should be given safe medical care. Some medical administrations can be followed and ingrained in every nursing, medical, and pharmacy student training.

Access the work environment

The work environment conditions can increase the safety issues in the medical administration, and they never should be ignored. These might include distractive interpretations, persistent staff storage, turnover, failure to follow the guidelines and policies, Poorly designed medication safety protocols, and many more. Usually, we can see the greenery and pleasant environment near hospitals which provides quality improvement initiatives in motion. The initiatives impact a lot on the recovery stages because of the clean environment that is being provided.

Implement medication safety Technologies

medication safety

When technology improves, everyone needs to adapt to it, which will help drastically and make everything better and easy. Medication safety alerts, computerised order entry, Smart infusion pumps for intravenous administration, medication and patient barcoding, and single-use medication packages are some technologies that can reduce medication errors but are sometimes caused but give a massive health problem if the health is shown there is an error. Even though the technology is improved and the machines are being used everywhere, the human element should also be present to monitor, but they are functioning smoothly.

Educate patients and caregivers

The caregiver and patients make many administration errors in the medical field while they are at home. The review says that many errors are found on an average of 2% to 33%, like dosage errors, wrong medications, and omissions. So, providing the necessary information before sending patients to their homes would be better. Ask them to contact the health centres whenever there is a doubt or a problem regarding the prescription provided.

Strategies to be implemented


Many drugs sound alike or look alike. While naming, administrating, or similar things might be mistaken by many people and giving the wrong medication are the medicines causing massive damage to the body. To distinguish the names of similar drugs, using tail man lettering will help a lot. Educating the patient and caregivers about these drugs and guiding them on checking these medicines would help a lot and can stop the damage in the future.

Taking high precautionary measures

According to the institute of safe medication practices, some highly alerted medications are to be followed by everyone and every Health Care organisation. Some of them are opiates, injectable potassium chloride, insulin, narcotics, intravenous anticoagulants, and sodium chloride solutions that are 0.9%. Limiting the use and creating awareness about the automated alerts when prescribing or administrator these medicines would be beneficial. High risks can be stopped by giving preventive measures to the patients and caregivers.

Ways To Improve Medication Administration
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